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Vesey Street
Security Entrance at Vesey Street

Light Bench
                        and Park
Light Bench and Park

Light Diagram
North Neighborhood Light Diagram

Glass Sunshades
Glass Sun Shade

Vesey Street
Vesey Street Streetscape

                            Security Assembly
Bench Security Assembly

Located in New York City's Lower Manhattan, the Battery Park City Streetscapes project is an urban design effort to improve pedestrian connections and neighborhood amenities in the North Neighborhood while providing for perimeter security at the adjacent World Financial Center and New York Mercantile Exchange.

Security issues for the site and buildings are of critical importance, but these needs are not given exclusive precedence over the needs of pedestrains and neighborhood residents.  The configuration of streets and street furniture are configured to provide pedestrian amenity:  controls reduce vehicle speeds to provide both security and public safety, while vehicular barriers are reduced in size and integrated into the urban streetscape to provide wayfinding.

Additionally, new urban security measures have been developed for the project using compressible fill and other technologies to reduce the visual and physical impact of security elements within the street.  Several patents have developed from this work.

Scott Demel has served as Project Manager and Project Architect at Rogers Marvel Architects throughout various phases of the work since the initial security and urban analyses.  Glass Sun Shelters were designed by James Carpenter Design Associates.


American Institute of Architects National Award for Outstanding Urban Design, 2005

American Society of Landscape Architects National Analysis and Planning Award, 2005  Link

American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, Project Merit Award, 2007


David Dunlap, "A New Idea in Security Would put Vehicles on a Pavement-Level Turntable."  New York Times, Dec 28, 2006.  Article Reprint


Vehicle Barrier System Link

North Neighborhood
North Neighborhood Islands at Dog Run

Dog Run
Dog Run Entrance and Sun Shelter

Canopy at Night
Sun Shelter Illuminated at Night

Photography by Nathan Sayers and Paul Warchol.

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