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Dining and Living Area.

Dining table and bench made of wood salvaged from a 19th Century building.

Kitchen and Entry
Kitchen and Entry.

Bedroom cabinentry of bamboo plywood.

Design and sustainability are the key components for this renovation of a two bedroom Brooklyn  apartment.

The dining table and bench are fabricated from old-growth pine wood, salvaged from the restoration of a 19th Century building.  The wood is stained a rich dark tone and oiled.  The supporting legs are blackened steel, produced by a local steel craftsman.  Other free-standing bookcases and cabinets are custom fabricated from wood, aluminum, and steel.

Appliances and cabinetry on one side of the long galley kitchen are removed and replaced with shallow base units and cooktops, creating more free floor space.  Where only 1 person used to cook, the new arrangement allows 3 or 4 persons in the kitchen at one time to chop, sort, simmer, and chat.  Materials include cork floors (warm for bare feet, soft, and noise absorptive), concrete countertops containing sparkling chips of recycled glass (made by a local Brooklyn manufacturer), and copper backsplashes.

In the bedrooms, full-height built-in storage closets are installed.  Built of bamboo plywood, the closets have doors and drawers which flip out and down to create folding tables and full work surfaces.

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