Begun in 1997, is an ongoing presentation of the projects, work and experience of Scott Demel. This simple undertaking has evolved into a document of its own character that exhibits both professional and personal experiences. Architecture, design and photography are the primary themes, generated independently or in conjunction with the site.

It is possible for projects to exist without the influence of the web. The site is merely a means of display. Other work is explicitly tied to the site, especially in regard to photography. A photographic walk-through of a building must be produced with a different mindset than an isolated still image. Interactive panoramic imaging would be impossible to view or even conceive without the computer. Have architecture and design been influenced? It is likely, though much more subtle.

Other personal experiences have also felt an influence: a wedding was announced via email and shared through an impromptu web site. The entire event was casually publicized on-line and responses were incredibly favorable.

The bottom line and effects of the site remain unknown and may never be fully mapped. Then again, that is not the point of the exercise. The work will continue to flow and the new tools will be used as necessary. In the end, a beautiful and useful outcome continues to be the one true goal.