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New Lab
The restored facade and entrance to the New Lab.

New Lab Interior
Main central corridor and open work space.

Interior Workspace
Enclosed meeting rooms and open work spaces along the second level walkway.

The New Lab is a design and prototyping facility for the development of advanced technologies and manufacturing.

The shell and industrial work spaces of Building 128 were constructed by the US Navy in 1899 as a machine shop for fabricating marine engines and components.  Throughout its operating history, the building layout was modified and extended numerous times, particularly during WWII, but sat deteriorated and largely unused by the early 2000's.  The building is listed on the  National Register as a part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Historic District.

Stripped to its original steel skeleton, the exterior envelope was completely reclad and restored with new windows and insulated metal panels matching the historic construction.  The interior build out of the New Lab constructed 32,000sf of new second level and mezzanine space to total 82,000sf of floor area.  Spaces are divided between private work spaces for individual businesses and education, shared or overflow work spaces, meeting rooms and a cafe.  Multiple workshops are placed throughout the New Lab, providing facilities for fabrication in wood, metals and plastics and advanced prototyping using 3D printers, CNC machining and electronics.

The interior of the New Lab is organized along a clear central corridor extending between the industrial doors at each end of the 350' building.  New overhead bridges carried by the original gantries and material lifts connect the two sides of the building, defining circulation pathways and creating spaces for interaction, exhibits and events.  The overhead steel structure for the central gable and side shed roofs remains largely open and exposed.

Scott Demel acted as architectural director for the New Lab project at Marvel Architects, overseeing all components of the project's build-out from initial concepts, historic compliance and filing strategies to construction completion.


American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter Merit Award, 2017

Architect’s Newspaper, Best of Design Awards for Adaptive Reuse, Honorable Mention, 2017

                            Mezzanine and Walkway
Original gantry cranes span the building and are used to carry new bridges connecting to two sides of the space.

Under Construction
Existing steel structure of the New Lab during restoration, prepared to receive new exterior of insulated metal panels and glass.

Central Interior Space
The central floor is visually open from end-to-end of the builidng.

Restored envelope of the New Lab and Building 128.

Photography by David Sundberg / Esto.  Construction photo by Scott Demel.

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