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East Studio
East Studio

East Studio
                        - Beginning
East Studio during structural assessment

South Wing
South Wing of the Adelphi Academy, shortly after completion in 1887

Rebuild 1
Reconstruction of the West Gable

Rebuild 2
Reconstruction and repair of roof framing

The South Wing of the Adelphi Academy  was designed by architect Charles C. Haight in 1887, and acquired by the Pratt Institute School of Architecture in 1970.  The building lies within the Clinton Hill Historic District in Brooklyn, New York.  By 1992, extensive materials failures and structural deficiencies required an extensive renovation of the building, including:

Removal and reconstruction of nearly 1/3 of the roof and structure, with reinforcement and repair of the remaining roof structure;

Full reconstruction of the West masonry gable at the 5th Floor, reconstruction of supporting piers and masonry at the 4th Floor, select reconstruction of South and West masonry gables, and reinforcing of the East gable;

Replacement of historic wood windows;

Repair of ornamental metalwork and new copper installations.

Reconfigurations of the exterior roof and facade conform to the requirements of the historic district while establishing the framework for the design of the interior renovation and its sustainable design approach. The project was a participant in the LEED Commercial Interiors pilot program (LEED-CI) with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).  Throughout the construction process for the exterior envelope, inherent assets and features of the building’s fabric are revealed and integrated into the subsequent design for the interior and its sustainable design approach. 

Exterior skylights and new windows allow for natural ventilation, exterior views and daylighting.  An abandoned building exhaust system is reactivated and supplemented to provide additional natural ventilation.  Finishes include the existing wood floor and pin-up surfaces of recycled material.  At numerous locations, the historic building fabric remains exposed to reduce the use of construction materials and to act as an architectural education tool.

Scott Demel worked as an Architect on the South Wing project at Rogers Marvel Architects, beginning work with the initial building assessment and continuing through construction.


American Institute of Architects New York State Award of Excellence, 2004

                        Studio Construction
Reconstruction of the West Studio

West Studio
Completed West Studio and West Gable

Photography by David Sundberg / Esto, and Scott Demel.

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