Typical building condition.


View from stables area towards central entrance court.


Decorative cove painting depicting observers from the balcony.


Rear buildings at the estate.

4 December 1997

Just outside of the small town of Swierzno lies the Flemming Estate, the household and grounds of a Pomeranian family constructed in the early 19th century. Presently, the building is in private ownership but unoccupied and unmaintained.

No exterior stucco exists on any of the buildings and several roofs had collapsed or were seriously deteriorated. One notable feature still exists on the interior: a decorative plaster painting stretching around a large gathering room. It depicts numerous balcony observers looking down to see the activities of the parlor below. We clamored around the site briefly before being asked to leave by the on-site guard. As we were later told by Marek Baranski, several similar sites exist throughout the country. Their fate is unknown.



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