4 December 1997

As Kent Diebolt and I were about to leave the Podzamcze site, we walked across the main plaza in front of the old city hall (now a museum) where workers were busily setting pavers. One of the workers stopped me as I crossed. He was one of the younger men there and started talking to me in Polish. Because I did not speak Polish very well I could not understand him. I guessed he wanted to know what I was doing walking through the sand and stones. I pulled out a business card and tried to communicate that I had traveled from New York. He understood and then began pointing to my camera and patting his hand to his chest; he wanted his picture made. I lifted my camera and waited for his pose.

This man did not want his picture taken with his co-workers. He did not stand upright, proudly in front of the buildings he had built. He did not smile. Instead, he got down on his knees in the dirt, hunched over the stones in front of him, picked up his hammer, looked straight into the lens and waited. This was the image he wanted to record.


Szczecin, page 2


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