The archivist consists of several components, all or part of which are installed at a particular location, depending upon the site's specific needs and requirements. The components are:

HOUSING - metal casing used to store equipment and give access to interactive features when installed on-site.

COMPUTER or CPU - used to store and archive images and data recorded and run related software and hardware. Data can be backed-up, via the internet, to a remote site. The presentation software used can be multi-lingual.

INTERNET LINK - used to display recorded data and input new data and observations by people beyond the physical vicinity of the tree.

PUBLIC COMPUTER TERMINAL - computer located at a local library, community center or other publicly accessible place to present the collected data and allow individuals to make inputs to the record. The computer should be used in conjunction with all tree archivist installations and is essential at locations where on-site interactive components are not installed. Presentation software can be multi-lingual.

SOIL CONDITIONS SENSORS - installed at the base of the tree to record moisture content, soils conditions and temperature.

TREE TRUNK MONITOR - used to record critical biological activities of the tree such as water movement and health conditions.

STILL IMAGE DIGITAL CAMERA - records a sequence of photographs over time. At least one photograph per day, at the same time each day, is made. Additional photography times can be programmed as desired.

WEATHER STATION - records ambient air temperature, wind speed, humidity and barometric pressure.

SIGNAGE - a small plaque used to identify activity of the archivist when equipment is located off-site or data is not interactive on-site. At a minimum, it indicates a description of the archivist and methods of accessing its recorded data.

MONITOR - field installed touch-screen unit to display information to passers-by in the physical vicinity of the tree.

KEYBOARD and JOYSTICK - used to input information and observations by passers-by or caretakers on-site.

Street Trees Competition, design references

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