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Location Map/Photo of Lower Manhattan



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11 September 2001: Seven or eight of us were in the office at 145 Hudson and heard a jet pass directly above the building. After the impact, the first thought was a crane or scaffold falling at a nearby construction site. The sirens of police and fire vehicles quickly filled the streets with every one heading south. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven; I stopped counting. All of the pedestrians on the sidewalks were looking down Hudson Street and upwards at the sky. A few minutes later we learned what happened and went to the roof. There it was, a gaping burning hole in the north tower of the World Trade Center. The brick masons who were working at the roof told us about what they had seen as the plane flew south over Manhattan. When it approached and passed overhead, they ducked. The morning was perfectly sunny and clear, how could the pilot have not seen the buildings? At that moment, there was a hint of skepticism in our conversation. In the distance, another airliner appeared on the southern horizon. It was low and flying towards us. In a few seconds, the impossible would occur. The plane banked hard right and collided into the south tower. Fire and debris passed through the core and exploded out the other side. Both towers were on fire. In less than an hour, they would be gone.