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Rebecca Howard + Megan Mitchell
An installation of imaginary architecture. Through March 23 at HERE

The Little Apple
A collection of minature buildings from the collection of Ace Architects.  Through March 28 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Doug Safranek
Paintings from a Williamsburg rooftop.  Through March 27 at Schmidt-Bingham.

Bernd and Hilla Becher
New photos of industrial structures by collaborators who have worked together for nearly 40 years.  Through March 27 at Sonnabend.

David Dewey
Large-scale watercolors of New England architecture and seascapes.  Through March 31 at Tatistcheff.

Neon Chapel
Arcs of neon created specifically for P.S.1's outdoor galleries by Steven Antonakos. Through April 3 at P.S.1

Annika von Hausswolff
Nine large photos of domestic interiors.  Through April 3 at Kaplan

Zaha Hadid
Recent models and drawings.  Through April 3 at Protetch.

Order and Disorder: Architectural Transitions in Prints and Photographs
Prints depicting the life-cycles of built structures.  Through April 3 at the New York Public Library.

New York on the Rise
Architectural renderings by Hughson Hawley.  Through April 4 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Liquid Assets
An installation by Evan Douglas. Through April 9 at Columbia University, Avery Hall

Jeremy Blake
Digital projections and paintings of architectural spaces in California.  Through April 10 at Feigen.

Encounters: The Vernacular Paradox of Israeli Architecture
An exhibition highlighting Israel's architecture as a product of its society's immigrant roots.  Through April 21 at Pratt Manhattan Gallery

Barbara Bloom, French Diplomat's Office
3D interpretation of a watercolor of an office.  Through April 24 at Blum.

Oscar Niemeyer's design for Brasil's capitol in recent photographs by Todd Eberle and Robert Polidori.  Through April 24 at the  Robert Miller Gallery

New York Vertical
Photos by Horst Hamman emphasizing verticality of NY skyscrapers.  Through May 2 at the Museum of the City of New York.

New York Horizontal
Cirkut Camera views by William Hassler, 30 rare WWI era panoramic views.  Through May 2 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Architecture and Revolution
An exhibit of Cuban National Art Schools. Through May 7 at Columbia University, Avery Hall

The American Dream by Mail Order
Through May 7 at Columbia University, Avery Hall

The Presence of Objects
An exhibit on the works of Gaetano Pesce. Through May 7 at Columbia University, Buell Hall

Havana, Cuba
The architecture of old Havana in photographs by Andrew Moore.  Through May 13 at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

Lebbeus Woods
An exhibit of more than 70 of the architects drawings, created between 1981 and 1991.  Through May 15 at the Henry Urbach Architecture Gallery.

BKH Gutman
Large scale interior photographs, many of abandoned places.  Through May 15 at John Gibson.

Yung Ho Chang
Site-specific installation by a Chinese architect and his firm, Atelier FCJZ.  Through May 22 at Apex Art.

Bob Knox
Paintings transforming domestic interiors to geometric patterns.  Through May 22 at Shainman.

Young Architects Exhibition
Works from the annual Young Architects Forum. Through May 29 at The Architectural League of New York, The Urban Center

Simon Gaon
Expressonistic paintings of Times Square.  Through May 31 at Peter Findlay.

Teresita Fernández
"Borrowed Landscapes," rooms of colored theater scrim illuminated by a single light source.  Through June 5 at Deitch Projects

Empire State Building
50 famous black and white photographs by Lewis Hine.  Thorugh June 5 at Newseum.

Stanford White
Drawings and watercolors preserved in albums by his family decendants.  Through June 11 at Davis & Langdale.

Guillermo Kuitca
Paintings inspired by public places and representational systems like mapping and charting.  Through June 12 at Sperone Westwater.

Texas Icehouses (uncertain if exhibit opened, was scheduled for Spring 1999)
Photographs of Texas' open air hybrid buildings: part saloon, part convenience store. El Museo del Barrio

Martin Roberts
Photographs of antique New York storefronts.  Through June 19 at Leica Gallery.

Gordon Matta-Clark's "Infraform" architectural cutting with drawings by Robert Barry, Sol LeWitt and Douglas Huebler. Through June 19 at Lance Fung Gallery.

Biala/Daniel Brustlein
Recent paintings of domestic interiors by the 95 year old, Paris-based artist and her husband.  Through June 26 at Kouros.

The Observatorium
30 artists' proposals for a secluded medatative place in New York Harbor.  Through June 20 at TZ 'Art.

Landscapes of Hope
Photographs by Larry Racioppo documenting the rebuilding of NYC neighborhoods.  Through June 27 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Bronx Art Deco and the Grand Concourse
Photographs of the street's Art Deco apartment buildings.  Through June 30 at the Walsh Family Library, Fordham University.

Jill Nathason
Paintings that suggest cityscapes from multiple perspectives.  Through July 1 at Harris.

John James
Paintings of English storefronts, pubs and theaters.  Through July 3 at McGrath.

Still Rooms & Excavations
Photographs by Richard Barnes of excavated monumental landmarks Through early July at the Architectural League of New York.

Robert Adams, Bill Owens and Henry Wessel
Photographs of American suburbia.  Thorugh July 16 at Matthew Marks Gallery.

Diller Scofidio
Recent work.  Through July 16 at the Henry Urbach Architecture Gallery.

Dream Architecture
Projects by various artists.  Through July 23 at Kent.

New York Views
Recent museum acquisitions.  Through September 5 at the Museum of the City of New York.

El Nuevo Mundo
Over 100 photographs by Camilo Jose Vergara of the emerging Latino metropolis in Los Angeles.  Through September 5 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

New Penn Station
Model and drawings of the redesign of the Farley Building and Penn Station, designed by SOM and Hardy Holzman Pfeifer, spearheaded for over a decade by Senator Moynihan.  Though the summer at the MoMA.

New New York 1
The first in a series of exhibits on new New York City buildings and projects.  Through September 11 at the The Architectural League of New York.

Ezra Stoller
Photographs of the TWA terminal.  Through September 13 at Danziger.

The Un-Private House
26 recent houses by international architects which "reflect the transformation of the private house in response to changing cultural conditions and recent architectural innovations."  Through October 5 at MoMA.

Aldo Rossi / Erik Gunnar Asplund
Architectural drawings from the estates of both architects.  Through October 16 at Protetch.

Drawn to Matisse
Modern contemporary works by Hockney, LeCorbusier, Warhol and others.  Through October 10 at Ameringer/Howard.

Appliance House
A minature photographic recreation of the Lever House by Jennifer Bolande. Through October 16 at Alexander and Bonin.

Sverre Fehn
Work of the Norwegian architect. Through October 19 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

The West Side Project
Design competition for plans for Manhattan's West Side.  Competitors include Ben van Berkel, Peter Eisenman, Cedric Prince, Thom Mayne, Nanako Umemato and Jesse Reiser.  Sponsored by the Canadian Center for Architecture.  Through October 20 in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal.

Recent Acquisitions
Recent additions to the collection of 20th Century Design and Architecture.  Through November 11 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe
Peter Eisenman's design for the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. Through November 19 at the Cooper Union.

Pott Shots
German student photographs of the industrial landscape of the Ruhr region.  Through November 19 at the Humanities Gallery, Cooper Union.

Daniel Libeskind
The design and construction process of the Jewish Museum in Berlin.  Through November 20 at the Yale Art & Architecture Gallery (accessible via Metro North from New York).

Oliver Boberg
Photographs of urban architecture.  Through November 27 at Morris.

Times Square
50+ photographs by Klein, Newman, Tietgens, Weegee and others.  Through November 27 at DeLellis.

Bethlehem Steel
A tribute to the Eastern Pennsylvania steel foundry. Through November 30 at the Municipal Arts Society.

Domobile System
Vertical urban storage system for rentable electric cars, designed by the French architect and urbanist, Edward Grinberg.  Hall of Science at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens.

Hell's Kitchen
Urban Proposals for Manhattan's far West Side.  At Storefront.

Manhole Covers
Con Edison's competition to redesign NYC manhole covers.  Through December 3 at the Municipal Arts Society.

Architecture for Humanity
Competition to design inexpensive transitional housing for Kosovo refugees.  Through December 3 at the Van Alen Institute.

David Baskin
Slides of domestic interiors projected onto the gallery walls.  Through December 4 at the Sculpture Center.

Ross Neher
Recent paintings combining architectonic structures with vivid color.  Through Decmber 4 at M-13.

Works on architecture and urban planning by various emerging artists.  Through December 5 at White Columns.

Photography by Toshio Shibata. Through December 11 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Frank Stella
New works, including a fiberglass architectural model.  Through December 11 at Sperone Westwater.

Mississippi Landscape/Mapping a Shifting Terrain
Work by Anuradha Mathur. Through December 18 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Two Views of Venice
Over 50 rare prints by Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697-1768) and Mortimer Menpes (1855-1938).  Through December 19 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Constant's "New Babylon"
Drawings by Constant Nieuwenhuys from the 1950s-70s for a new utopian architecture and cityscape.  Through December 20 at the Drawing Center.

Salisbury Cathedral
Two paintings by John Constable of the cathedral. Through December 31 at the Frick Collection.

Big Buildings
70 buildings of exceptional dimensions.  Through December 31 at the Skyscraper Museum.


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