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Eugene Atget
Photographs made between 1910 and 1913 of the Zone Militare outside Paris.  Through January 5 at Ubu.

Joel Sternfeld
Documetation of the High Line on Manhattan's West Side.  Through January 5 at Pace/MacGill.

A Century of Design, Part IV
Objects by Tadao Ando, Sir Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, Robert Venturi and others.  Though January 6 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Glass of the Avante-Garde
A sampling of glass from the early 20th century ranging from Secessionist vases to Bauhaus glassware.  Through January 6 at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

Vital Forms: American Art and Design in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960
An exhibit following the developent of imagery in the arts, architecture and design in the years following World War II.  Through January 6 at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Carla Klein
Paintings with compositions based upon airport terminals, TV screens, planes and stadiums.  Through January 12 at Bonakdar.

The Architecture of the American Craft Museum
Models and documentation for the new building by Tod Williams/Billie Tsien.  Through January 13 at the Museum of American Folk Art.

Arverne: Housing on the Edge
Four visions for the renewal of the housing development in Far Rockaway, Queens.  Through January 16 at  Urban Center Galleries.

Queens Museum of Art
Competition Entries.  Through January 16 at the Urban Center Galleries.

Project #74: Ricci Albenda
Transformation of the museum's lower level using computer imaging technology, reflecting the artist's interests in architecture, graphic design, and physics.  Through January 22 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Andrew Lenaghan
Paintings based upon the industrial and waterfront regions of Manhattan amd Brooklyn.  Through January 24 at George Adams.

Above New York
An exhibition of aerial photographs of New York City by Robert Cameron.  Through January 30 at the Municipal Arts Society.

Knots and Surfaces
A large-scale multiprojector installation by Diana Thater that interacts with the architecture of the 3rd Floor Gallery.  Through January 30 at Dia Center.

The Storm
Exhibition of Lebbeus Woods' study of the destructive and transformative effects of war and rapid social change on the built environment.  Through February 1 at the Cooper Union.

Fresh Kills: Artists Respond to the Closure of the Staten Island Landfill
19 artists explore the history and imapct of Fresh Kills.  Through February 10 at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

A New World Trade Center
Sketches and proposals for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.  Through February 17 at Max Protetch.

September 11 by Magnum Photographers
Photographs and documentation of the events of September 11.  Through February 25 at the New York Historical Society.

Joe Naujokas
Paintings and views of Lower Manhattan based upon photographs from the World Trade Center.  Through February 28 at Perlow.

Ewan Gibbs
Drawings based upon the facades of hotels in Germany.  Through March 2 at Paul Morris.

Lizabeth Mitty
Paintings of New York City including the artist's vision of the WTC attack as seen from her studio.  Through March 2 at Pelavin.

Marvin Newman
Vintage photographs of Wall Street in the 1950's.  Through March 2 at de Lillis.

Kevin Zucker
Paintings of vacant lobbies, auditorium, and semi-public spaces.  Through March 2 at Boone.

Russel Wright: Creating American Lifestyle
American designer of modern dinnerware, furniture, buildings, landscapes and author of Guide to Easier Living.  Through March 10 at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

Building as Site: Performing the Kitchen
Works from two Harvard Graduate School of Design architectural studios that propose radical renovations for The Kitchen’s 13,500 square foot building and performance space.  Through March 22 at the Kitchen.

Blandscape and Photage
A photographic series of existing and implied landscape forms by photographer Patrick Meagher.  Through March 30 at Riva Gallery.

Frank Thiel
Color photographs documenting the ongoing reconstruction of Berlin.  Through March 30 at Sean Kelly.

Time to Consider
Artist's poster responses to September 11.  On view throughout the city and

Visual and written contributions on 8.5"x11" paper by over 900 persons with responses to September 11.  Through March 30 at Exit Art.

Renewing, Rebuilding, Remembering
Urban reconstruction projects in Berlin, Beirut, Oklahoma City, Kobe and Manchester.  Through April 12 at the Van Alen Institute.

Tribute in Light
Projected shafts of light installed as a temporary memorial to September 11 and the WTC.  Visible from dusk until 11pm through April 13.

The Sphere
 WTC plaza bronze sculpture by Fritz Koenig, damaged on September 11.   Reinstalled in Battery Park until a permanent location is determined.

Architects of the Academy
Watercolors, drawings and photographs by members who are or were members of the National Design Academy, including Cass Gilbert, Nathaniel Owings, Edward Durrell Stone and I.M. Pei.  Through April 14 at the National Academy of Design.

George Deem
Paintings that depict enlongated or widened views of Vermeer's paintings but without figures or furniture.  Through April 20 at Pavel Zoubouk.

Kate Shepard
Monochromatic diptych paintings of invented interior spaces.  Through April 20 at Galerie LeLong.

Documentation of the daily happenings in Berlin by Megan Sullivan over a one-year period.  Through April 20 at Storefront fot Art and Architecture.

Elisa Sighicelli
Photographs of the interior of houses in Cuba.  Through April 27 at Cohan Leslie and Browne.

Reclaiming the Western American Landscape
Through May 3 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Photographs by Bevan Davies.  Through May 3 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Craig Kalpakjian
Large-scale photographs of digitally rendered architectural interiors.  Through May 4 at Andrea Rosen.

Clarence John Laughlin
Photographs of Lousiana plantation houses from the 1948 book Ghosts Along the Mississippi.  Through May 4 at Robert Miller.

Marjetica Potrc
A sculpture representing the case study of houses created by untrained student architects from Tilonia, India.  Through May 4 at Max Protetch.

WTC: Monument
The conception, desing and construction of the World Trade Center, including the only extant model by Yamasaki Associates.  Through May 5 at the New York Historical Society.

Beyond the Box
Mid-century modern architecture from Miami and New York.  Through May 8 at the Municipal Arts Society.

Industrial Alchemy
The work of Jean Prouvé.  Through May 10 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Satellite of Love
Japanese Love Hotels.  Through May 10 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Whereabouts: New Architecture with Local Identities
Examples of architecture from the North, South, East and West United States including work by Shim Sutcliff, Rick Joy, Weslet Wei and Kuth Ranieri.  Through May 10 at CUNY, Shepard Hall.

You've Arrived
Popular modernism in New York and Miami, including the Fountainebleu Hotel and TWA Terminal.  Through May 10 at the Municipal Arts Society.

Lucinda Devlin
Photographic works from the "Pleasure Ground Series" depicting interior sports facilities, tanning salons and fantast motels.  Through May 11 at Rodgers/9W.

Marian Roth
Color pinhole photographs of houses in landscapes.  Through May 18 at Bateman June Gallery.

Ron Shuebrook / Charles Hewlings
Architectonic charcoal drawings and open-form wood and steel sculputures.  Through May 18 at the New York Studio School.

Project #73: Seeing Yourself Sensing
Installation by Olafur Eliasson at the garden wall which investigates sensory perception in relationship to architecture, more specifically the dialogue between inside and outside.  Through May 21 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Gordon Meier
Intimately scaled paintings that romanticize strip malls, parking lots, motels and other babnlities of the suburban landscape.  Through May 25 at Kimberly Venardos.

Transient Spaces
Sculpture series cast from everyday objects, these of artist Rachel Whiteread's house and studio.  Through June 5 at the Guggenheim.

Mary Miss
Photographic collages incorporating numerous views of an architectural site into a new whole.  Through June 14 at Senior & Shopmaker.

Scott Peterman
Photographs of ad hoc vernacular architecture and monuments.  Through June 15 at Silverstein.

Thomas Struth
Large-scale photographs of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.  Through June 15 at Marian Goodman.

Utopia & Reality: Modernity in Sweden 1900-1960
A survey of Swedish art and culture from the first half of the century.  Through June 16 at the Bard Graduate Center.

Charles Malton
Elaborate box constructions of famous and anonymous interiors.  Through June 21 at Forum.

Laura Larson
Photographs of hotels rooms that guest have recently departed.  Through June 22 at Lennon Weinberg.

A digital animation project by Sven Pahlsson analyzing the growth of suburban housing and the American Dream.  Through June 22 at Spencer Brownstone.

Material and Process
Projects from the annual Young Architects Forum.  Through June 25 at the Architectural League of New York.

Louis I Kahn
Paintings, watercolors, drawings and other travel sketches.  Through June 28 at Salander-O'Reilly Gallery.

Helen Berggruen
Paintings of domestic interiors from southern France.  Through June 29 at Fischbach.

Marcel Breuer
A centennial exhibit of the architect's birth featuring letters, project files, photographs and other material.  Through June 29 at the Smithsonian Intitution Archives of American Art, Paine Webber Building.

Georges Rouse
Photographs of dilapidated architectural sites in Europe, Asia and the US.  Through June 29 at Robert Mann.

Wave Garden
A proposal for a 480 acre array of piezoelectric sheets floating off the coast of California.  Through June 29 at Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Designing the Future: The Queens Museum of Art and the New York City Building
A chronical of the history of the building and finalists from the recent competition to expand the facility.  Through July 7 at the Queens Museum of Art.

Iris prints and plasma screen virtual objects by Asyptote.  Through July 12 at Visionaire.

The Bazaars of the Old Levant
Photographs by Alison Brabley of markets and trading posts of the Middle East, bordering on Africa and Asia.  Through July 13 at Sepia International.

India Inside Out
Photographs of Indian and Nepali interiors and exteriors by Martin Brading.  Through July 13 at Sepia International.

Scott Teplin
A veteran artist of PS1's "Greater New York" depicts visions of apartments and domestic buildings carved from butter, donuts and other oddities.  Through July 13 at Adam Baumgold.

Katherine Westerhout
Images of the interior spaces of large abandoned buildings.  Through July 13 at Sepia International.

Photographs of architectural spaces of all kinds by Fletcher, Graham, Höfer, Nauman, Pearlman, Pilson, Wallace.  Through July 19 at Nicole Klagsbrun.

TransModernity: Austrian Architects
Three leading Austrian architectural teams from the generation under 50: henke und schreieck, Jabornegg & Palffy, and Riegler Riewe.  Through August 12 at the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Banaras: The Luminous City
Highlights of the historical, religious and cultural significance of the ancient India city including photographs and multi-media presentations.  Through August 18 at the Asia Society.

New York, New York
Sixty works from the Museum’s collection surveys photography in New York City from the era of the daguerreotype to the 1970s.  Through August 25 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Building on the Flatiron 1902-2002
Photographs, drawings, prints and souvenirs celebrating the building.  Through September 1 at the New York Historical Society.

New York: Capitol of Photography
Images of the city made over the past 100 years.  Through September 9 at the Jewish Museum.

Squire Vickers
Colorful paintings suggestive of tilework by an artist who was chief architect of the Public Transit Commission, 1906-1942.  Through September 14 at Shepherd & Derom.

Me, Myself & Infrastructure
Commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the American Society of Civil Enginners.  Through September 15 at the New York Historical Society.

Skin: Surface, Substance and Design
The role of "skin" as outer surface and form including work by Greg Lynn, Petra Blaisse, Morphosis and Marcel Wanders.  Through September 15 at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

The Last Days of Penn Station, Photographs by Aaron Rose
Photographs chronicling the demolition of Penn Station shot between 1963 and 1966 but only recently printed.  Through October 6 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Chuck Connelly
Paintings of suburban and urban Philadelphia.  Through October 12 at Lennon Weinberg.

Diane Cooper
Elaborate three-dimensional structures, part racetrack, part architecture.  Through October 12 at Postmasters.

Highlights of Manhattan: The Drawings of E.H. Suydam
Graphite drawings of New York City made in the 1920's to illustrate a travel book.  Through October 12 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Adam Ross
Violet paintings of futuristic skylines.  Through October 12 at Sara Meltzer.

Jude Tallichet
Plexiglass sculptures of famous towers.  Through October 12 at Sara Meltzer.

Out of Site
Fictional architectural spaces is a variety of media by 16 emerging artists.  Through October 13 at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Photographs by Warren Neidich of reflections from a Los Angeles building.  Through October 13 at Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Booming Out: Mohawk Ironworkers Build New York
Photographs from the past 100 years showing Mohawk workers involved in the construction of New York's most significant buildings.  Through October 15 at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Winka Dubbeldam
An interactive digital environment by the Dutch architect.  Through October 19 at Frederieke Taylor.

Perfect Acts of Architecture
Drawings by Eisenman, Koolhaas, Libeskind, Mayne and Tschumi.  Through October 19 at AXA Gallery.

Twin Towers Remembered
Photographs by Camilo Jose Vergaro made over a period of 31 years.  Through October 20 at the New York Historical Society.

Beyond Ground Zero: the Forensic Science of Disaster Recovery
Images by photojournalist Richard Press.  Through October 20 at the New York Historical Society.

In the Light of Memory: a Spherical Panorama from the South Tower
Painting by Christopher Evans made in January 2001.  Through October 20 at the New York Historical Society.

Consuming Places
Outdoor sculptures by architects, artists and designers on the DUMBO waterfront.  Through October 27 on Water Street, Brooklyn and supported by Creative Time.

James VanDerZee
30 gelatin silver prints from 1907 to 1954 of Harlem landmarks and other subjects.  Through November 2 at Michael Rosenfeld.

Arne Jacobsen
An exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Danish designer.  Through November 9 at Scandinavia House.

Paintings by Markus Lupertz inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  Through November 16 at Knoedler.

55 Water Street
Design competition entries to redesign the elevated public plaza of 55 Water Street in Lower Manhattan.  Through November 29 at the Municipal Arts Society.

New New York 3
Noteworthy new buildings in NYC.  Through December 2 at the Architectural League of New York.

Roger Ferri: Architectural Visionary
Through December 21 at the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University.


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