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Architectural Competitions in America
Significant competitions for public buildings and monuments, corporate commissions and housing as well as theoretical and student competitions.  Through January 6 at Pratt Manhattan Gallery.

James Castle
Drawings of rural landscapes, farm buildings and domestic interiors.  Through January 6 at Knoedler.

Glass Room
A transparent structure by Siah Armajani.  Through January 6 at Senior & Shopmaker.

Julius Shulman
Photographs of houses by Richard Neutra.  Through January 6 at Yancey Richardson.

American Modern 1925-1940
Over 150 objects by a first generation of industrial designers such as Dreyfuss, Loewy and Saarinen.  Through January 7 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Ruskin's Italy, Ruskin's England
Paintings, watercolors, drawings and writings by John Ruskin.  Through January 7 at the Morgan Library.

MoMA 2000: Open Ends
An exhibit of the museum's acquistitions since 1960 including objects of design and architecture, among others.  Through January 7 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Works by Asymptote Architecture and others.  Through January 13 at Feigen Contemporary.

Lynn Davis
Photographs of sites and monuments, including Hoover Dam and Louis Kahn's Salk Institute.  Through January 13 at Houk.

Defective Brick Project
Galia Solomonoff's project explores the notion of imperfection and seriality by creating a model dwelling using "defective" or non-standard building materials.  Through January 13 at Artists Space.

Projects exploring the evolving borders between new media, design, architecture, and art.  Through January 13 at Artists Space.

Jason Oddy
Photographs of Soviet sanatoriums, Nazi resorts and UN headquarters.  Through January 13 at Gallery 24.

Jan Henle
Drawings and photographs of the artist's monumental land sculptures.  Through January 16 at Sikkema.

The Big Dig
Mural-sized photographs by Peter Vanderwarker documenting the construction of Boston's I-90 underground.  Through January 17 at The Urban Center/Architectural League of New York.

Karin Appalonia Müller
Large scale color photographs of urban Los Angeles. Through January 20 at Julie Saul.

Open Ends
An exhibit from all areas of the mueums collection since the 1960s including architectural drawings and models.  Through January 20 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Eugene Atget: The Pioneer
Documentary photographs of Paris by the influential modern master.  Through January 21 at the International Center of Photography.  Also a parallel exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York (see below).

Cass Gilbert: Inventing the Skyline
Sketches, presentation drawings and other materials from the Society's archives.  Through January 21 at the New York Historical Society.

Steven Holl
Drawings and design process documents by the architect.  Through January 21 at Max Protetch.

Jorge Ribalta
Photographs recreating places from Barcelona's bas-fonds district.  Through January 27 at Zabriskie.

John Divola
Photographs of small, isolated houses in the California desert.  Through February 3 at Janet Borden.

Carlos Vega
Paitings of architectural interiors on collaged surfaces.  Through February 3 at Shainman.

A Portrait of Paris: Eugene Atget at Work
Images of Paris at the turn of the last century.  Through February 4 at the Museum of the City of New York.   Also a parallel exhibit at the International Center of Photography (see above).

Furnishing the Modern Era
Masterpieces of modern furniture from the Vitra Design Museum.  Through February 4 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Susan Wides
Photographs of urban landscapes from Fresh Kills to Madison Avenue.  Through February 10 at Kim Foster.

Water Works
The architecture and engineering of New York City's water supply in 400+ historic drawings maps and photographs.  Through February 10 at the Arthur H. Houghton Jr Gallery, Copper Union.

Robert Longo
Graphite drawings derived from Freud's Vienna residence.  Through February 24 at Metro Pictures.

Luca Pagliari
Pinhole photographs made in Cuba and New York.  Through February 24 at Bonni Benrubi Gallery.

Martin Wong
Paintings of Lower East Side tenements and storefronts.  Through February 24 at P.P.O.W.

The Draftman's Art: Master Drawings from the National Gallery of Scotland
Drawings by Leonardo, Raphael, Rubens, Blake, Ingres, Seurat and others.  Through February 25 at the Frick Collection.

Jude Tallichet
Architectural structures of sandblasted plexiglass accompanied by a musical score by the artist.  Through Februry 26 at Sara Meltzner.

Masters of the Camera
Photographs bt Bernd and Hilla Becher.  Through March 2 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Ricci Albenda
Installations of arcitectural forms.  Through March 3 at Andrew Kreps.

Celia Reisman
Paintings on the territory between public streets and private spaces.  Through March 3 at Kathryn Markel.

Carlos Garaicoa
Photographs and drawn additions to Havana's crumbling building stock.  Through March 4 at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

Space, Color and Clarity
Photographs of the architecture of Luis Barragan by Rene Burri.  Through March 9 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Bill Owens
Images from the book Suburbia.  Through March 10 at Paul Morris Gallery.

New New York 2
2nd annual overview of recent architecture in New York City.  Through March 14 at the Architectural League of New York.

Housing New York: Ed Logue and his Architects
Projects by the Urban Development Corporation from 1968 to 1975. Through March 14 at the Architectural League of New York.

A map of the five boroughs achieved by interlacing aerial photographs with geographic information about the city's surface and subsurface features.  Through March 17 at Hunter College's Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery.  Information will be on-line this fall at

Video, sculpture digital prints and architectural drawings.  Through March 17 at Artists Space.

The Opulent Eye of Alexander Girard
Textiles, furniture and tableware from the Mid-20th Century Designer.  Through March 18 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Research Architecture
Selections from the Collection Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain du Centre, Orleans, France.  Through March 17 at the Thread Waxing Space and Storefront for Art and Architecture, through March 21 at Pratt Institute, Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery.

Brian Alfred
Paintings that focus on the interaction between the natural and man-made.  Through March 24 at Max Protetch.

Rika Noguchi
Photographs of cityscapes and construction zones including New York, Brazil and islands built by the Dutch government.  Through March 24 at D'Amelio Terras.

Jean Kallina
Silver gelatin prints depicting views of European palace interiors.  Through March 31 at Winston Wachter.

Nomadic Connections
The architecture and living conditions of nomadic life.  Through April 7 at the School of Visual Arts.

Reflections of New York 2001
Recent watercolors by Alexander Creswell of the NY Public Library, Bethesda Fountain and other New York City Landmarks.  Through April 14 at Hirschl & Alder.

Project for a New Guggenheim
Proposal by Frank Gehry for a new building in Lower Manhattan.  Through April 21 at the Guggenheim.

Joanne Greenbaum
Compositions in oil paint suggesting scaffolding, buildings under construction, street maps and architectural renderings.  Through April 28 at D'Amelio Terras.

David Vestal
Photographs of  New York, Chicago and Connecticut.  Through April 28 at Robert Mann.

Hugo Boss Prize 2000: Marjetica Potrc
Installation exploring the urban condition.  Thorugh April 29 at the Guggenheim.

Made in Oakland
The furniture of Gary Know Bennett.  Through April 29 at the American Crafts Museum.

Through May 4 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

UTAP/Assiting Urban Regeneration
Through May 4 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Marcel Duchamp on Display: Optics, Exhibition and Portable Museums.
An exhibit on the artist's occupation with all matters of display, including a project for a collapsible museum-in-a-box.  Through May 5 at Zabriskie.

Walter Pichler
New sculptures, architectural models and drawings.  Through May 5 at Barbara Gladstone.

The future of the workplace on laptops and cell phones.  Through May 8 at the  Museum of Modern Art.

Andrea Claire
An installation that interacts with the gallery's architecture and light.  Through May 12 at Caren Golden.

Ernesto Neto
A weblike space leading to a form that pours through a wall opening.  Through May 12 at Bonakdar Jancou.

Penn Station / Grand Central Station
Photographs by Peter Moore documenting the demolition of Penn Station in 1966 and recently discovered photographs by Eben Robinson of the construction of Grand Central Station.  Through May 12 at DeLellis.

Mark Power / Lewis Baltz
Photos of the Millennium Dome / Selections from "New Industrial Parks" and "Park City."  Through May 12 at Richardson.

Andrew Spence
Abstract paintings with forms drawn from commonplace architecture and design.  Through May 12 at Edward Thorp.

A retroactive master plan for Silicon Valley by Kadambari Baxi and Reinhold Martin.  Through May 12 at Artists Space.

Andreas Gursky
Photographs of vast spaces including stadiums, stock exchanges and factories.  Through May 15 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Candida Hofer
Large-scale photographs documenting the physical and historic layers of public buildings.  Through May 15 at Sonnabend.

Bora Kim
Architectural installation of two rooms that can been seen through peepholes on the outside walls.  Through May 19 at Silerstein.

Photographs of New York places made with long exposures in the dead of night.  Through May 20 at the New York Historical Society.

Gio Ponti: A Metaphysical World
Furniture, sculpture and drawings by the Italian designer and founder of Domus magazine.  Through May 20 at the Queens Museum of Art.

Shellburne Thurber
Photographs of abandonded houses.  Through May 24 at Stark.

Sydney Blum
Cement sculptures shaped like houses.  Through May 26 at Foster.

Scott Sherk
Constructed environments inspired by rock gardens of Japan.  Through May 26 at Foster.

John Moore: Near and Far
Paintings of suburban landscapes or cityscapes as seen through a window.  Through June 1 at Hirschl & Adler.

After the Diagram
Work by Diller + Scofidio and others.  Through June 2 at White Box.

Bernd and Hilla Becher
Photographs of industrial buildings taken by the German husband-and-wife team.  Through June 2 at Zwirner & Wirth.

Piot Brehmer
Paintings of imaginary airports at night.  Through June 2 at 123 Watts.

Formations of Erasure: Earthworks and Entropy
A photogrpahic display about earthworks (land art) and the sculpting forces of erosion.  Through June 2 at Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Doug Hall
Large-format photographs of cityscapes in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Hanoi.  Through June 2 at Feingen.

Living Heritage: Vernacular Environment in China
Photographs, furniture, architectural components depicting living environment and everyday living patterns in traditional China.  Through June 10 at the China Institute Gallery.

Out of Time: Designs for the 20th Century Future
The past century through visions of the future including modes of transport, fantastic architecture and human settlement in space in projects dating from 1889 through 1961.  Through June 10 at the New York Historical Society.

Paul Amenta
A sculpture of the yard where the artist spent his early childhood.  Through June 15 at Marcello Marvelli.

Harry Bertoia
Monotypes from the 1940s-1960s by the sculptor and furniture designer.  Through June 15 at Kennedy.

James Casabere
Photographs of large-scale architectural models built by the photographer.  Through June 16 at Sean Kelly.

Pamela Singh
Photographs produced over a period of two years in Angkor Wat, the legendary temple complex built in the 12th century in what is now northwestern Cambodia.  Through June 16 at Sepia International Gallery.

Jorge Pardo: Project
Transformation of the Dia Center's ground floor with multi-colored ceramic tiles, murals, glass and daylight.  Through June 17 at the Dia Center.

Tibet: Mountains and Valleys, Castles and Tents
An exhibit exploring Tibetan culture with artifacts and documentary materials.  Through June 22 at PaineWebber.

Ezra Stoller
Vintage photographs of early modernist architecture.  Through June 23 at Meyerowitz.

City Limits
Annual exhibition of the Architectural League of New York's Young Architects Forum.  Through June 27 at the Architectural League of New York.

Jonathan Ehrenberg
Paintings of skylights, chimneys and other enclosures common to New York City.  Through June 26 at Earl McGrath.

Anne Peretz
Paintings of the rooftops of Jaffa.  Through June 26 at Salander-O'Reilly.

Dan Bruggeman
Paintings depicting the clash between urbanization and nature.  Through July 3 at Bridgewater/Lustberg & Blumenfeld.

Niklas Nitschke
Digitally manipulated photographs depicting cityscapes against natural landscapes.  Through July 7 at Von Lintel & Nusser.

Aluminum by Design: Jewelry to Jets
Tracing the soft metal's evolution of use from the mid-1800s until today.  Through July 15 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Frank Llyod Wright and the Art of Japan
Works of art and objects collected by the architect.  Through July 15 at the Japan Society.

Fresh Kills: The Photographs
Photographs of the 2,200 acre Staten Island landfill scheduled for closure this year.  Through July 21 at the Municipal Arts Society.

Utopia: The Search for the Ideal Society in the Western World
An exhibit developed in conjunction with the Bibliotheque National which examines the ideal of a perfect society from the Garden of Eden to Disney.  Through July 27 at the New York Public Library.

Proofs for covers, photos and other works by Dutch designers for the magazine's run between 1918 and 1932.  Through July 27 at Ubu.

Karin F. Giusti
A modular greenhouse in the shape of the White House.  Through July 28 at Nikolai.

Mies van der Rohe and Louis Kahn
Drawings, sketches and models by the two architects.  Through July 31 at Max Protetch.

The Programmable City
An analysis of building codes and their affect upon design and the built environment.  Through August 25 at Storefront.

Frank Gehry: Architect
A retrospective of drawings, models and constructed projects.  Through August 26 at the Guggenheim.

Light Screens
Leaded glass windows of Frank Llyod Wright.  Through September 2 at the American Craft Museum.

Origamic Architecture
Cut and folded recreations of world monuments.  Through September 2 at the American Craft Museum.

Against the Storm
Photographs of American lighthouses and their keepers commisioned by the US Coast Guard Fire District between 1871 and 1953.  Through September 2 at the New York Historical Society.

Greener Pastures
A history of Bronx Parks from 1888-2001.  Through September 6 at the Arsenal.

Mies in Berlin
30 designs by Mies van der Rohe completed between 1905 and 1938.  Through September 11 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Frank Gehry
An exhibition of the architect's New York proposal and other residential projects.  Through September 16 at the Guggenheim.

Mayan Architecture
Photographs of ancient Mayan sites from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Through September 19 at Throckmorton.

Mies in America
A review of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's architectural projects for sites in North America.  Though September 23 at the Whitney.

Four visionary proposals for an oceanfront development in the Rockaways.  Through September 29 at the Architectural League of New York.

A tropical climate built in the museum's outdoor space for climate, activity and relaxation, designed by Lindy Roy as part of the MoMA/PS1 Young Architects Program.  Through September at P.S.1.

Bamboo Cinema
A public installation by Teresita Fernandez of a maze of translucent plastic.  Through the summer at Madison Square Park.

A public installation by Tobias Rehbergar of a Japanese garden where it will snow all summer.  Through the summer at Madison Square Park.

The Democratic Monument in America 1900-2000
On the issue of building monuments in America.  Through October 3 at Parsons School of Design.

Susan Crile
New paintings of architectural elements from Italian Romanesque basilicas.  Through October 6 at Graham.

Roland Fischer
Large-format photographs of cathedrals and modern building facades by the Munich-based artist.  Through October 6 at Von Lintel & Nusser.

Eyebeam Atelier (opens September 20)
Competition entries by 13 international firms for the design of a museum of new media in New York City.  Through October 11 at Eyebeam.

On Movers and Shapers
An analysis of design in Arizona and the Sonoran desert by Ines Schaber and Jörg Stollmann.  Through October 13 at Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Rooms with a View: Landscape and Wallpaper
A survey of 300 years of landscape design in wallpaper.  Through October 14 at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

Notes on Almost Nothing
Mies van der Rohe's Haus Lange and Haus Esters.  Through October 22 at Columbia University, Avery Hall.

Sacred Places India
Large format platinum/palladium photographs of temples and holy sites in Ladakh and throughout India by Kenro Izu.  Images accompanied by a selection of 19th and early 20th century prints.  Through October 25 at Sepia International

Architecture + Water
Projects located on the water including work by Steven Holl and Diller-Scofidio's Blur Building.  Through October 26 at the Van Alen Institute.

Laura Green
Paintings of stadiums that reduce them to basic architectural elements.  Through October 27 at Marcus Ritter.

An exhibition of modern British design including architecture, graphics, products, fashion and more.  Through October 28 at Grand Central Terminal.

Solange Fabiao
Video documentation of Broadway from 228th Street to Wall Street as seen from a taxi.  Through November 1 at Rodgers/9W.

John Riddy
Images of streets and architecture inspired by John Ruskin's autobiography, Praeterita.  Through November 3 at Lawrence Markey.

Sam Prekop
Small paintings in which semi-grids morph into architecture and landsape.  Through November 11 at Clementine.

Calder's Monumental Sculpture
Eighteen large-scale pieces by Alexander Calder, some exhibited for the first time.  Through November 15 at Storm King Art Center.

Lost New York in Old Postcards
Views of the city in 170+ postcards, most from the early 20th century.  Through November 25 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Verneer Panton
An exhibit of the lights, furniture and products of the Danish designer.  Through December 7 at R 20th Century Gallery.

Nightscapes and Glass Buildings
Photographs by Erieta Attali.  Through December 14 at Columbia University, Avery Hall.

Sendai Mediatheque
A project by Toyo Ito, photographed by Naoya Hatakeyama.  Through December 14 at Columbia University, Avery Hall.

Joel Meyerowitz
Photographs of the New York City skyline, including the World Trade Center,  made from the photographer's former studio at West 19th Street.  Through December 15 at Joel Meyerowitz Photography.

Transforming the Landscape: Bushwick, Brooklyn
A model, consensus-based process to guide the sustainable redevelopment of the former Rheingold brewery brownfield site in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Through December 15 at the Municipal Arts Society.

Along the Nile: Early Photographs of Egypt
Some of the earliest camera images of Egypt's landscapes and monuments.  Through December 20 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Stephen Antonson
Drawings of parking lots and ports of entry.  through December 21 at Elizabeth Harris.

Tim Davis
Nighttime photographs of gas stations and discount store parking lots along Hypoluxo Road, a strip in south Florida.  Through December 22 at Brent Sikkema.

Thomas Wrede
Photographs of German home interiors decorated with panoramic photographic wallpaper.  Through December 22 at Christinerose.

Construction of the Paris Opera
Photographs by Delmaet & Durandelle made of the building's construction between 1864 and 1869.  Through December 30 at the International Center of Photography.


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