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Prague Architecture Through the Centuries
An exhibit of the architecture of Prague.  Through January 2 at the National Academy.

Edward Weinberger and Scott Schmidt
High quality and well-designed modern furniture pieces.  Through January 8 at Barry Friedman.

Charles & Ray Eames
An expansive overview of the couple's work.  Through January 9 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.  Exhibition is also touring the country.

Cildio Meireles
An installation of two ten foot square cubes of glass and alluminum.  Through January 15 at Lelong.

Toshiko Mori
Images of a full-scale dwelling.  Through January 15 at Artists Space.

Andras Gursky
Large-scale interior photographs of vast interior spaces: a store in Los Angeles, a hotel in Taipei, A library in Stockholm.  Through January 15 at Matthew Marks.

Rudy Burckhardt
Selections of the photographer's images of of Queens and New York.  Through January 16 at P.S.1.

Architecture and Memory
Works by various artists reflecting upon modern and post-modern architecture.  Through January 29 at Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren.

Roland Fischer
Large-scale photographs of modern high-rise buildings in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York.  Through January 29 at Lintel & Nusser.

Forgotten Gateway
Photographs by Larry Racioppo and Shirley Burden of the abandoned buildings of Ellis Island.  Through February 13 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Going Digital: How Technology Liberates Design
Manipulation of familiar materials such as laminates and fabrics.  Through February 25 at Material ConneXion.

Sounding Pieces
Hand-welded metal sculptures for making sounds and music by Harry Bertoia, who also designed furniture for Knoll.  Through February 26 at Robert Miller Gallery.

E.W. Godwin: Aesthetic Movement Architect and Designer
British designer during the Victorian era of buildings, furniture, wallpaper and more.  Through February 27 at the Bard Graduate Center.

Bridge of Dreams
Photographs of the Brooklyn Bridge by Burhan Dogancay.  Through February 29 at St Francis College, Callahan Center.

Fumihiko Maki
Three projects.  Through March 3 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Dream of Venus
Vintage press photos by Eric Schaal of Salvador's Dream of Venus pavilion for the 1939 New York World's Fair.  Through March 4 at Jan Van der Donk.

$24: The Legendary Deal for Manhattan
The Dutch purchase from the American Indian.  Through March 9 at the New York Historical Society.

Mutation 3.0.  Through March 10 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Jude Tallichet
Two 11 foot high, conjoined models of the Empire State Building accompanied by music composed by the artist.  Through March 11 at Meltzer's on View.

Alvar Aalto
Houses: Timeless Expressions. Through March 11 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Paul Noble
Nobson Newtown, large scale drawings depicting the fantastical buildings of an imaginary city.  Through March 11 at Gorney Bravin + Lee.

Modern Starts: Places
Part of the MoMA's exhibit series People, Places, Things.  Places demonstrates the broad interpretations of site, both real and imagined.  Through March 14 at MoMA.

Time Capsule
Entries to design a time capsule for the museum by Zaha Hadid, Maya Lin, Wes Jones, Santiago Calatrava, Dagmar Richter, Droog Design, Morphosis and several others. Through March 15 at the Museum of Natural History. Designs can also be reviewed online at the New York Times.

Jorg Sasse
Digitally manipulated photographs of building interiors and exteriors.  Through March 18 at Lehmann Maupin.

Sound Mirrors
Film by Tacita Dean of concrete structures built in England in 1919 to hear planes taking off across the Channel.  Through March 25 at Goodman.

Joseph di Giorgio
Paintings of New York at Night. Through April 1 at Kouros.

Gateway to Metropolis
An exhibit on the new Pennsylvania Station, designed by S.O.M.  Through April 1 at the Miraim and Ira D Wallach Gallery, Schermerhorn Hall,  Columbia University.

Yvonne Jacquette
Recent paintings of aerial views of New York and Chicago.  Through April 8 at DC Moore.

Stanley Greenberg & Julius Shulman
Photographs of New York's infrastructure and architectural photographs of Los Angeles.  Through April 8 at Richardson.

Wall Street: A Journal
Images of Wall Street made between 1916  and the present.  Through April 8 at Benrubi.

Louis Robert
French photographer's images of landscape and architecture from the 1850's.  Through April 15 at Zabriskie.

Jay Kelly
Images of landscapes and architecture in pastel.  Through April 16 at Kempner.

David Plowden
Photographs of American cityscapes and small towns.  Through April 29 at Laurence Miller.

Competition entries for the design of the new TKTS ticket booth in Times Square.  Two locations: through March 15 at the Urban Center/Municipal Arts Society and through May 1 at the Van Alen Institute.

Lime Works
Photography by Naoya Hatakeyama.  Through May 1 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

The work of the Eames Houses.  Through May 1 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Blackwood Films
A retrospective.  Through May 1 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

House Drawings
Drawings of the self-taught Idaho artist James Castle's surroundings and home.  Through May 4 at the Drawing Center.

Transposed: Analogs of Built Space
Works that engage architectural models, drawings and plans by Bennett, Brower, Cambre, Komatsu, Lehmann and Oppenheimer.  Through May 6 at the Sculpture Center.

Jay Davis
Paintings of architectural structures on vinyl.  Through May 6 at Stux.

Ten Shades of Green
An exhibit of ten buildings exhibiting design excellence and environmental sensibility, including work by Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Tomas Herzog, Michael Hopkins and more.  Through May 13 at theThe Architectural League of New York.

Tim Maul
Photographs depicting the interior of a home outside Dublin.  Through May 13 at Senior & Shopmaker.

Travel sketches by architects.  Through May 13 at the Leubsdorf Art Gallery, Hunter College.

Where the Lion Goes Through: Architecture of an Action
An installation by Dolores Zinny and Juan Madigan.  Through May 20 at Artists Space.

Installation by Franco Mondini Ruiz depicting a romanticized vision of the Aztec city Tenochtitlan (Mexico City).  Though May 21 at El Museo del Barrio.

Rena Bass Forman
Large-format photographs from rural India, including the Jain temple at Ranakapur, waterways of Kerala and 17th century ruins of Mahabalipuram.  Through May 21 at Benrubi.

Andrea Zittel
Soundproof portable living environments to relieve inhabitants from externally imposed time.  Through May 27 at Adrea Rosen.

Mel Ziegler
Drawings of whimsical proposals for outdoor projects.  Through June 3 at Paula Cooper.

Craig Kalpakjian / Rackstraw Jones
Computer generated images of interiors / Recent paintings of interiors, including the World Trade Center.  Through June 10 at  Robert Miller Gallery.

Rust Belts
Photographs by Robert Bourdeau of abandoned industrial sites in the US, France, Germany and Luxembourg.  Through June 17 at Edwynn Houk.

Excursus: Homage to the Square
Installation by Robert Irwin of an entire floor with partitions of theater scrim and fluorescent light.  Through June 18 at the Dia Center.

Time Traced
Camera Obscura photographs by Vera Lutter of found architectural spaces.  Through June 18 at the Dia Center.

Painting the Town
Cityscapes from the Museum of the City of New York.  Through June 23 at PaineWeber.

Jed Fielding
Photographs of facades of buildings in South America and the Mediterranean.  Through June 24 at Alan Klotz.

Amir Zaki
Vertiginous views of Los Angeles at night, photographed from parking structures and apartments.  Through June 24 at Caren Golden.

Elena Climment
Paintings of remembered scenes of Mexico through building windows.  Through June 29 at Mary-Anne Martin.

Dylan Stone
Ongoing project to photograph each block of Manhattan.  Exhibit was on disply at P.S.1's Greater New York.  Through July 7 at Nicole Klagsbrun.

The New York Century
World Capital, Home Town 1900-2000.  Through July 9 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Second Nature
Exhibition by winners of annual Young Architects Competition.  Through July 12 at the Architectural League of New York.

Roberto Juarez
Abstracted scenes of the new Times Square as seen from the artist's studio.  Through July 31 at Robert Miller.

Shigeru Ban: A Paper Arch
Through August 1 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Design Culture Now
A survey of the work from 83 firms and individuals whose designs blur the boundaries of architecture, graphic design and product design.  Through August 6 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Elbow Room
Manhattan's public spaces in recemt art.  Through August 4 at Kim Foster.

William Merrit Chase
Paintings of outdoor scenes and parks in Brooklyn and Manhattan, painted between 1886 and1890.  Through August 13 at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Gwathmey Siegel
A survey of the firm's work.  Through August 14 at The Graduate Center, the City University of New York.

Urban Landscape
Artworks that make use of the urban landscape.  Through August 18 at Nicole Klagsbrun.

Staged and constructed photographs on the theme of architecture illustrating work by Rashid and Couture, Boberg, Casebere, Groover and others.  Through August 18 at Julie Saul Gallery.

Kahn's Modern Monuments
Through August 22 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Giorgio Morandi Etchings
16 works from 1912-1945 of the Italian artist's architectonic style.  Through August 22 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Air Conditioned: Interiors
Images by 15 photographers.  Through August 31 at Bonni Benrubi Gallery.

Manhole Covers
Photographs of the New Yorks's remaining cast iron roadway art by Diana Stuart.  Weekends through September 3 at the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment, Prospect Park Tennis House.

An experimental outdoor structure for relaxing and enjoying the sun by SHoP architects Sharples Holden Pasquarelli.  Through the summer at P.S.1.

Making Choices
An exhibit on modern living.  Part 1 through July 26, Part 2 April 30-September 12 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Project for a New Guggenheim
Proposal by Frank Gehry for a new building in Lower Manhattan.  Through September 14 at the Guggenheim.

NYC Views
Paintings of New York City by Kelsey, Reist, Sera and Sokolov.  Through September 23 at Michael Ingbar.

Design Development: Times Square
Architectural models documenting the design process for six projects.  Through October 3 at the Skyscaper Museum.

Miles Coolidge
Large color photographs of a housing development in central Washington State.  Through October 7 at Casey Kaplan.

Mark Innerst
Paintings of New York Skyscrapers and upstate New York bridges that emphasize verticality and horizontality.  Through October 7 at Paul Kasmin.

Yoshiyuki Miura
Shards of granite suspended from a ceiling.  Through October 14 at Von Lintel & Nusser.

Robert Polidori
Color photographs of grand or once-grand building interiors in Cuba, Brazil, France, Lebanon and the US.  Through October 14 at Pace/MacGill.

Robert Stivers
Photographic explorations of faces, landscapes and architectural structures.  Though October 14 at Throckmorton.

Michael Rokowitz, Concerted Compassionism
Custom built, inexpensive shelters for the homeless produced by the artist and distributed for free.  Through October 15 at White Columns.

Michael Kenna
Photographs of noctural cityscapes and landscapes.  Through October 21 at Robert Mann.

Bernhard Martin
Three walk-in closets representing a disco, a beach and a table dance.  Through October 21 at Charles Cowles.

Samuel Mockbee
Drawings and models of the office of Mockbee Coker and the Rural Studio.  Through October 21 at Max Protetch.

Farnsworth House
Mies van der Rohe's impact on a small town and the world.  Through October 22 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

First Step Housing Prototypes
Prototypes and drawings of designs to reinvigorate an urban housing type, the lodging house.  Through October 27 at the VanAlen Institute.

Gowanus Expressway
Competition entries from the recent Sunset Park Waterfront Competition.  Through October 27 at the VanAlen Institute.

Building the British Library: An Architectural Exhibition
Through October 28 at the Leubsdorf Gallery, Hunter College.

John Gossage / Hermann Vogel
Black and white photos of Washington, D.C. monuments / 1868 photographs of a German archaeological excavation at an Egyptian fortress.  Through October 28 at Horowitz.

Albert Renger-Patzsch
WWII era photographs of plants, landscapes and architecture by the German photographer.  Through October 28 at Tatintsian.

Frederick Brosen
Watercolors depicting cityscapes of  New York, Paris, Venice and London.  Through November 4 at Forum.

Large scale paintings by Sun-Joo Shin of iconic architectural forms taken from urban, rural and industrial environments.  Through November 10 at Pratt Institute, Steuben West Gallery.

Gustavo Acosta
Paintings of deserted cities, isolated buildings and classical ruins.  Through November 11 at Generous Miracles.

Carmel Hill
Photographs of the Harlem neighborhood by Bill Foley.  Through November 12 at the Museum of the City of New York.

Maya Lin: Between Art and Architecture
Recent work by the designer most known for the Vietnam War Memorial.  Through November 17 at Cooper Union.

The World's Most Expensive Public Space
A survey of New York's 503 privately owned public spaces.  Through November 18 at the Municipal Arts Society.

Petra Blaisse
Fabric desinger who has worked frequently with Rem Koolhaas.  Through the fall at Storefront for Art & Architecture.

Fragile Dwelling
Photographs by Margaret Morton from a 10 year documentation of New York homeless people's living spaces.  Through November 30 at Aperture.

Valerie von Betzen
Paintings of nocturnal cityscapes.  Through November 30 at Perlow.

Robert Adams
Black and white photographs depicting the urban sprawl surrounding Denver.  Through December 2 at Matthew Marks.

Don Eddy
Paintings that reference Romanesque and Gothic architecture.  Through December 2 at Nancy Hoffman.

Olafur Eliasson
An exhibition converting the gallery into an exterior courtyard.  Through December 2 at Bonakdar Jancou.

Abelaro Morell
Camera obscura views of New York, Paris and Italy.  Through December 2 at Benrubi.

Karim Rashid sculpture and furniture containing LCD monitors.  Through December 2 at Sandra Gering.

Arnaldo Pomodoro
Plans for recent architectural commissions and public installations.  Through December 2 at Marlborough Chelsea.

Under the El
Photographs and drawings of the neighborhoods under the early elevated train lines of New York.  Through December 3 at the Museum of the City of New York.

James Heron
Architectural paintings of invented urban landscapes.  Through December 9 at Spaced: Gallery of Architecture.

The Long View
Philip Johnson's latest selection of new talent.  Through December 9 at the Municipal Arts Society/Urban Center.

Downsview Park International Design Competition
Models and proposals by 5 design teams to convert a military base in Toronto.  Through December 15 at the VanAlen Institute.

Architect of Dreams
The theatrical vision of Joseph Urban.  Through December 16 at Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University.

Luigi Ghirri / Aldo Rossi:  Things Which are Only Themselves
Through December 18 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

Architecture in Palestine 1918-1948
Through December 18 at Avery Hall, Columbia University.

A hollow vessel for lounging, viewing and listening by LOT/EK.   Through December 22 at Urbach.

Lebbeus Woods
Notebooks from 1975-2000.  Through December 22 at Urbach.

Eberhard Bosslet
Photographs of interventions performed by the artist on architectural ruins in the Canary Islands.  Through December 23 at John Gibson.

Stephanie Couturier
Large scale photographs of architecture in Seoul and Moscow.  Through December 23 at Laurence Miller.

David Deutsch
Recent landscape paintings and phtographs of suburban houses and other buildings.  Through December 23 at Gorney Bravin + Lee.

Kaleidoscope House
A 1:12 scale modern house by photographer Laurie Simmons and architect Peter Wheelwright.  Through December 23 at Deitch Projects.

Samuel Bourne
Photographs made between 1863 and 1870 of traditional and colonial buildings in India.  Through December 30 at Sepia.

Young Nordic Design
Through December 30 at the American-Scandinavian Foundation.

Fading Ad Campaign
Photographs by Frank Jump of the remains of painted advertisements and billboards on New York's buildings.  Through Decmber 31 at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.


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