Architecture and Preservation in Poland

On two separate occasions, I had the good fortune to travel through Poland viewing its architecture, culture and heritage. The first journey was made in December 1997 with a group representing the Association for Preservation Technology. We toured sites in Szczecin, throughout the Pomeranian region, Krakow and Warsaw. All of us were quite impressed with the projects and work encountered and we made a presentation on our observations at the Polish General Consulate in New York, collaborating with a group of Polish architects and preservationist visiting New York and Boston. In 1999, I received a Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant from the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for a return to Poland to review on-going projects and visit additional areas of the country. This site is the compilation of those two journeys and is always in a continual state of evolution. More pages and information will be placed on-line as I can develop it, so check back from time-to-time.


1997 Journey
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2 December 1997: Szczecin and Podzamcze Site
3 December 1997: Opening of Antikon97 Restoration Trade Show in Szczecin
4 December 1997: Travel to Trzebiatow, Kamien Pomorski and Swierzno
5 December 1997: Close of Antikon97 and overnight train to Krakow
6-7 December 1997: Krakow
8 December 1997: Warsaw

9 March 1998: Presentation at the Polish General Consulate, New York City

1999 Journey
(Grant Proposal) (Travel Overview)

3 October 1999: Warsaw
(still photographs) (text)
4 October 1999: Warsaw
(still photographs) (text)
5 October 1999: Poznan
(still photographs) (text)
6 October 1999: Poznan
(still photographs) (text)
7 October 1999: Szczecin
(still photographs) (text)
8 October 1999: Kostrzyn
(still photographs) (text)
9 October 1999: Berlin
10 October 1999: Chonja
(still photographs) (text)
11 October 1999: Gdansk
(still photographs) (text)
12 October 1999: Elblag, Malbork
(still photographs) (text)
13 October 1999: Malbork
(still photographs) (text)
14 October 1999: Torun
(still photographs) (text)
15 October 1999: Kazimierz Dolny
(still photographs) (text)
16 October 1999: Lublin, Zamosc
(still photographs) (text)
17 October 1999: Zamosc
(still photographs) (text)
18 October 1999: Krakow
19 October 1999: Krakow
(still photographs) (text)
20 October 1999: Krakow
(still photographs) (text)
21 October 1999: Wroclaw
(still photographs) (text)
22 October 1999: Warsaw
(text) (Presentation on American Architecture and Preservation)
23 October 1999: Warsaw
(still photographs) (text)

Interactive Panoramic Images from Warsaw, Poznan, Szczecin, Gdansk, Torun, Kazimierz Dolny, Zamosc and Krakow.


Additional Sites of Interest and Information Sources

The Stones of Poland's Soul: excellent article on the history and significance of Wawel Castle, Krakow.
Warsaw's Urban Revitalization: article outlining the history and recent development of numerous important sites throughout Warsaw, including Pilsudskiego Square.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Krakow, Malbork, Torun, Warsaw and Zamosc.
Organization of World Heritage Cities: Krakow, Torun, Warsaw and Zamosc.
Architektura-murator: Polish architectural magazine, archive and English summaries of articles on-line
James Marston Fitch, Historic Preservation: Curatorial Management of the Built World: book with chapter devoted to the reconstruction of cities in Poland.
Association for Preservation Technology

International Council on Monuments and Sites


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